All physical address and email information is kept private and never sold, marketing is only sent to customers who opt-in via the checkout system. Promotional emails are only sent to customers who opt-in via the newsletter form in the website footer or via the checkout. For any questions please contact

When your order from us, we'll only send you email for these reasons:

  1. Confirm an order you placed.
  2. Ask you a clarifying question in case we're out of something or need more information.
  3. Let you know that an order has shipped.
  4. During checkout, you're asked if you'd like to join our mailing list.

If you join our mailing list you can expect a few regular emails from us:

Our regular newsletter, usually once a month, sometimes twice a month if we have a lot of new stuff to share. Rare, one-off product alerts for things we think you might want to know about. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please contact us at 

We do not store credit card information. When you place an order with us, your payment information is passed securely with Stripe or PayPal if you choose to checkout that way, your card is authorized, and we store the encrypted authorization information—not the actual credit card information. This means you need to enter payment information every time you shop with us, but we feel it's a reasonable trade-off for your security and piece of mind.